Doe Peak Estrous (Climax)

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100% Doe Peak Estrous 100% Pure, 100% fresh No Additives

State Certified CWD Free

Collected Fresh Hourly For 100% Customer Satisfaction from our own deer here on our Farm

Same Day Shipping

The deer on our farm are tested annually to make sure we have the healthiest herd possible. With our blood tests and shots along with our feeding program we are producing not only the healthiest deer herd possible but the best 100 percent pure and fresh product with no additives or preservatives. 

Warning: Do not spill in your truck. Will smell like the hottest doe in the world for a few weeks. Wise words from a customer. 

This Peak Estrous Doe urine will out do any other product you have tried. When used on a drag line with or without buck urine if a buck crosses its path it will come right to you without picking its head up one time to look. It is collected hourly from our deer on our farm. So when the weather and timing is right our deer will come in to estrous at the same time wild deer are. This urine will dial up the buck activity in your area big time.