Buck In Rut ( Love Struck)

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100% Buck in Rut Urine 100% Pure, 100% fresh No Additives

State Certified CWD Free

Collected Fresh Hourly For 100% Customer Satisfaction from our own deer here on our Farm

Same Day Shipping

The deer on our farm are tested annually to make sure we have the healthiest herd possible. With our blood tests and shots along with our feeding program we are producing not only the healthiest deer herd possible but the best 100 percent pure and fresh product with no additives or preservatives. 

Our buck in rut urine is great when used in mock scrapes just to take an inventory of what is on your farm or if you're looking for that hit lister that gave you the slip last year. It can also be paired with our Climax doe in heat on a drag line to imitate a buck chasing a hot doe.