Doe Estrous (Quick Fix)

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100% Doe estrous urine 100% Pure, 100% fresh No Additives

State Certified CWD Free

Collected Fresh Hourly For 100% Customer Satisfaction from our own deer here on our Farm

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The deer on our farm are tested annually to make sure we have the healthiest herd possible. With our blood tests and shots along with our feeding program we are producing not only the healthiest deer herd possible but the best 100 percent pure and fresh product with no additives or preservatives. 

Our doe estrous urine is by far one of the best ways to tag a buck earlier than expected. The bucks that are cruising and checking groups of does will get a whiff of the doe estrous and leave the other does alone to come check "her" out. A buck out looking for a hot doe will smell this even after you head to the truck if he comes through late. The buck will come back repeatedly and earlier to try to find the doe that is coming in to heat.